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Landmark Research Measuring Engineering's Impact on the Economy and Society

Introducing the Engineering Industry Impact Series, a family of landmark research to define, scale and measure the economic and social impact of the engineering and associated professional services sectors. These reports examine in detail how engineering:

  •  Contributes  3% of all U.S. jobs 
  • Employs or supports 24% of the 1.7 million engineers working across every sector of the economy
  • Generated $40 billion in personal property taxes, $12.7 billion in sales taxes and $11.8 billion in property tax
  • Is responsible for 2.8% of GDP
  • Multiplies economic activity.  Each additional $1 in Engineering and Architectural revenue contributes $1.55 to GDP.

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A first-of-its-kind study to benchmark the size and scope of the engineering and associated professional services on employment and economic activity in America. 

The report demonstrates the significant contribution these sectors make to overall employment (3% of all US jobs), tax revenue ($44.7 billion) and direct economic impact ($229 billion)*. 

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2020 Engineering Industry Profile

The second release of the three part series, the Engineering Industry Contribution report puts detailed numbers behind the sector's wide-ranging impact on jobs and the economy. Download the press release to learn more.

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Infographic 1: By the Numbers

Infographic 2: Industry Perspectives

2020 Engineering Industry Contribution 

The ACEC Research Institute has released the final piece of it's three-part research series - a 5-year forecast of what lies ahead for the Engineering and Design Industry.

The 2021-2025 Engineering Industry Forecast

*Note: The Engineering Industry Economic Contribution was updated on 2/10/21 to reflect updated state tax information. This does not impact the total tax contribution number for the industry, but individual state data has changed.  See the state map on page 24 and in Appendix II on pages 30-31 of the report.