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Strategies for Developing a Respectful, Diverse, and Inclusive Workplace Culture (Fall 2020)

Employers are currently under significant scrutiny for the environment that exists in their workplaces. Over the past years, the focus on #MeToo, systemic racism, gender inequality, generational differences, and negative behaviors in the workplace has posed enormous challenges for managers that, if ignored, can result in lack of engagement, attrition, and lawsuits. 

This series is designed to help those in management positions learn how to address these challenges by developing a culture of respect and inclusion. Workplaces that can successfully drive an environment of respect will also be contributing to institutional sustainability and an engaged workforce committed to excellence

***Participants in this course will earn at least 8 PDHs and can expect to spend about 2-2.5 hours a week watching the pre-recorded presentation, participating in a problem-solving exercise with their assigned small group, and meeting on Thursdays at 1:00 PM Eastern for a live discussion with the instructor on the module's material. (Exact time of live discussion may change.)

Blind Spots, Biases & the Bottom-Line: Leadership Development Evolution That Drives Results

Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, a global investment management firm, described in his open letter to CEOs how “a diverse mix of genders, ethnicities, career experiences, and ways of thinking have, as a result, a more diverse and aware mindset. They are less likely to succumb to groupthink or miss new threats to a company’s business model. And they are better able to identify opportunities that promote long-term growth.” As he is one of many CEOs across numerous industries that have seen significant bottom-line results from diverse viewpoints and perspectives, why do many engineering firms struggle to benefit from this? Culture and change both start at the top, and leaders must lead and act with intention, set performance standards, and hold everyone accountable for changing behaviors and organizational practices.

Diversity & Inclusion Keys To Success: DPCs Playbook On ACEC Firm's Best Practices

DPC member firms Woodard & Curran, RS&H and VHB led the formation of the DPC Diversity & Inclusion Working Group. The DIWG, including D&I leaders representing 21 firms, produced a summary report to help ACEC firms create more inclusive environments. This report will be shared along with further insights from the DIWG to help your firms get started on this important work. We will also share next steps DPC will be taking with this work.