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Welcome to ACEC’s resource page for the 2020 election cycle.  The decisions made by the American people in November will have a profound impact on the direction of the country moving forward, and it is critical that ACEC members make their voices heard on behalf of the candidates they support.  

Below, you will find information to help you with voter registration, finding your local election office, sites to learn about the candidates and more.  

Whether voting in person or by mail, everyone should stand up and be counted.

Learn more about absentee and early voting form the National Council of State Legislatures.

Create your own electoral map and your own forecast for the election with 270 To Win.

Party Resources

Learn more about each of the national and congressional campaign committees and their candidates for office.

How much do you really know about American elections?  Test your knowledge with a quiz from the Washington Post.

ACEC/PAC - is the engineering industry's primary tool for political engagement at the national level. Supported by engineering professionals from across the country who work for member firms, the sole purpose of ACEC/PAC is to elect candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate who support policies and legislation favorable to the engineering industry. 

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